beach bistro front counter


anita met steve while she was training to become a chef and he was teaching hospitality students. as they got to know each other, they often had lunch together. over time they realised that they both looked for the same thing when eating out – a place with good coffee that combined great food and friendly hospitality.


anita grew up in hong kong before training in auckland & honing her skills in the kitchens of euro in the viaduct & the french café, symonds street. they soon decided that steve’s experience in providing excellent service and anita’s precise palate and understanding of fine food could combine to create a place that they would both love to eat at.


their partnership blossomed, and soon after they married in 2008, they decided it was time to start looking for the perfect location. after four years of searching, a cafe in browns bay, where anita had worked as sous chef, became available. this place was perfect. only a few metres from browns bay beach, the place had loads of potential and with the help of family & friends, the dream became a reality.


on leap day 2012 beach bistro was born. it is our local café, which offers great food and friendly service. around it revolves a wonderful community of regulars, locals and visitors from around the globe. a community who knows that beach is a place where you as a guest can appreciate anita’s skilled palate & special ability to combine flavours. we work with the highest quality local produce to give you a fabulous culinary experience while being treated like you have entered steve & anita’s own home.



you maybe aware that in the early morning hours of April 9, 2016 there was a small fire at Beach Bistro.

the impact of this event has meant that we were closed for  20 months reopening on Halloween 2017.

Rick Laird, steves' brother has written a fabulous story of that event. this is his first ebook and wishes to donate all proceeds to our local coastguard unit.


they are an amazing team of men & women providing an great volunteer service to our community.